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Chamber Program Saves Utahns Money

In just two years, Utahns have saved $2,171,425 on prescription drug refills by using the Utah Drug Card. The card is available through the Salt Lake Chamber offering savings of up to 75 percent on prescription drugs.

"The cost of health care has risen dramatically in recent years and it's having a very real impact on businesses, families and individuals," said Lane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. "We continue to work on our efforts to drive down health insurance costs for business in our state but this allows us to provide intermediate relief as a statewide business organization and as a good community partner."

This program has no restrictions to membership, no income requirements, no age limitations and there are no applications to fill out. Utah Drug Card is accepted at over 50,000 pharmacy locations across the country.

The Utah Drug Card is funded through the participation of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. The program is also receiving support from the public and private sectors. Other organizations have also endorsed and will promote the Utah Drug Card available including the Utah Nonprofits Association and the Utah Hospitals and Health Systems Association.

The Utah Drug Card increases the affordability of prescription medications for both uninsured and underinsured Utahns. The program can also be used by people who have health insurance coverage with no prescription benefits, a common scenario in many health savings accounts (HSA) and high deductible health plans. Additionally, people who have prescription coverage can use this program for non-covered drugs.

The Utah Drug Card is a solution to the confusing maze of discount prescription programs that have appeared in recent years. Many of these programs only cover certain drugs, charge fees and some have membership restrictions including age and income requirements. Utah residents can download a free card, search drug pricing, and locate participating pharmacies at www.slchamber.com.